Thursday, February 21, 2013



A post for my private entertainment, cause thinking of the absurdity of it all got me laughing.

And it has everything to do with my wanting to challenge myself to go as fast as I could downhill.

I went to play the snow sledge. On a 4km track. And enjoying the speed, I did not break and by the time I reach the 50m mark to end of track, I bumped into a Sasquatch and got buried under snow and sledges and the Sasquatch.

I reached home to realise I also have vessels damage. Haha.

I hope there's enough time after exam to go snow sledging again. :D That time, I'll be the first to go downhill, to signal Sasquatches to attack other human being.
And if I'm the first, that means, I could go as fast as I wanttt!!! Wee hooooooo!!!

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