Monday, January 28, 2013

j fforde

Whoaaaaaaaa~ Guess who went to the bookstore and ended up performing the ritual of getting yet another storybook. *put hands up guiltily*

Nyaaaanyaaanyaaaa~ I wasn't eligible for the 10% discount cause I forgot my ISIC but it was on sale! :D Half it's original price. Plus I got a coffee coupon which would cost me about 2/3 of the book's price. And the literature prodigy friend recommended me the book (the author, rather). And I haven't a book to keep me company when stressed with med books and whatnots.

Uuu~ an attempt at justifying the deed I see. Lalalas~


And can I get Turtle Recall or the Hunger Games series for my coming-to-this-world-anniversary? Hahaha. I'm betting they are way cheaper at the Big Bad Wolf thingy in Malaysia though. (I bought the last Artemis Fowl book for 8 times the sale price. Grrr~) So this year, unless it is on sale, you needn't have a copy oh Nora~ And ISIC discounts are not counted as sale!

You have too many books already. Seriously.


One can never have too many books though :P
Books have never been enough.
Miahahaha XD


dr1/6 said...



nora~zizi said...

oh yeah!!! ^^
i got "something rotten", that's the only copy of his book they have!

wanted to start with nursery crimes actually :P

dr1/6 said...

something rotten is not a first book though! 'the jane eyre affair' is!

nora~zizi said...

the only have that copy T_T i asked them about other titles but they don't have it :P nevertheless, it is interesting. 2 chapters in, and i feel a douglas adams vibe~