Tuesday, January 22, 2013

snip snip

I think one almost-sure-win act that would help flip emotion is a haircut/change of hairstyle.

I'm so diggin' this hairstyle.

I feel awesome!

Here comes troubleeeee~

*ok. over. haha.*

The cutest most happening snowman in Prague. Ever. Haha. Butt butt butt buttons for eyes~


Finally I met the doctor we were brainwashed to be afraid of. (Psycho betul department ni :P) And I find his character interesting. First impression: he looks like the Dr from Back to The Future. Haha! Seriously, his hair and stance. Then in class, he was very insisting. Classes like this forces you to think about how much you don't know, even after those 5 years. Adoyai~ It's also classes like this that force you to spend more time with medical books. (Atlas of Paediatrics Physical Diagnosis rocks by the way ;) because it haz lotsa lotsa photos!) Medical facts are interesting, but too much words with little attraction to keep focus, just doesn't work when you have to not only read but memorise. Gah~

Anyway, so far, there're two strict profs in this department. However, experience taught me that, it's from this garang people, whom scoldings come easily to them, that I'll learn a lot more. Makanya, marilah bersabar. Macam Moses a.s with Nabi Hidir kot. The barakah comes from being patient with your teacher.

Owh, and a proof that your ilm' has barakah, is when, you produce them from a simple recall. :) That's when you can claim the ilm' is yours. Hee~

I feel bad for the neonatal lectures though. :( Can't control the sleepiness man. I got coffee specifically for it but.. but...
So my neonates lecture notes ended up having this disconnected flow of information and really random scribbles which came from my failed attempt to stay awake.

That's that, I gotta continue the studying, then maybe, maybe, I could come up with the 157 possible differential diagnosis if asked again! Haha!


And the new dance song is very addictive. :)

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