Thursday, January 17, 2013

changing the variables

They like what science bring, but they don't like the questions.
- Mr Menace

"Did you love it the first time?"
"Did you love it the second time?"
"No. I just wanted to get it over with."
"Then you've changed the variables. Science is not good or bad, but it can be used both ways. And that is why, you must always be careful."


When you're reminded of your childhood dreams, suddenly, everything seems like a joke.

You're not quite there, but you're on your way there, none the less.

The joke is, you start it all with a big heart, but every step you take, rips part of your courage away.

Suddenly, everything else is more important, and the flames die out a little.

Funny how it all seemed highly attainable 18 years ago.

Still working my way there though, because, that dream of discovery, is one I'd like to see come true.

:) Thank God for the sudden inspiration.

Always experimental,


dr1/6 said...

this resonates with what i feel and am going through a lot.

nora~zizi said...

aaaw~ lets have faith and not give up on our dreams! I believe the dreams we have are good dreams. they're too precious to be abandoned! :)
I guess you could say, there's this slump-ish feel cause I'm brooding too much over how I'd ever make it. :P
Lets unslump! (hard but worth it iA)