Monday, December 31, 2012


We finally talked about it.

I don't know where the road would go from now, but I'm glad we finally did have that conversation.

Thank God.

Because opening up is the first step to be strong.

And when you're strong enough, He'll let you be vulnerable.
(don't ask how I came to this, because I guess, the way Islam speaks to me may be different. So long as I go by the Quran and Sunnah, aite? :) )

To a sister, I love dearly, Farhana.
The best elder sister ever. (Okay, that's a bit vague seeing as how you're the only older sister I have :P Haha!) I hope Allah would ease what is best for you. And that you be happy. And that you attained more than you've ever dreamed you would, in this life, and the hereafter. Uri eonni saranghae! ^^

 When we were younger, Hana has her baju kurung with proper sarong, and mine was with pants because since childhood, she has always been ladylike and grace never has been my forte. This time, maybe the parents thought I would behave better in sarong. Though I can't help but notice I have a kite in my hands.

 See, Hana so sopan and I'm always with the epic face. Hohoho.

Sopan sikit.

We were at Niagara Falls (a place I recommend everyone to visit!). 
When I think of it, if anyone has a somewhat "ganas" daughter, they should buy their daughters skirts and dresses at young age. It curbed the want to make silly poses a lil'. Haha!

Hana said I looked like Sivaji boss (?) and I think I'll watch Sivaji tonight cause I need to know why. Haha. 


Everyone lives life at their own pace. There are things we can't afford to make priority but that doesn't make us wrong. :)

Okay Hana, jom terus berusaha dan berdoa! Fight oh~


I so need a proper siblings pillowtalk. One week of holiday till I go all out with studying.

Hope the package arrives timely. :) 


zainabibrahim said...

those comey old time photos

nora~zizi said...

kyaa~ sekarang semua dah memBESAR. ahahaha.. serious lawak tgk gambar lama2!