Monday, December 03, 2012

johnny and the dead

Is a book by Sir TP. I didn't read the book though. I watched the telemovie. (ie movies shown on television, not the cinema). The cinematography wasn't good (it was filmed in the early 90s) but I guess when you have a good storyline, it doesn't matter. Owh budak kecik yang jadi Johnny tu nampak macam Joseph Gordon Levitt. Tetiba tulisan jadi kecil. Hahaha. Mengong. 

I haven't much time to write the summary, I guess anyone interested could Google "Johnny and The Dead" up. 

What I learnt from the movies was, sometimes, you do things, because you're the only one who could. And though you have set plans and goals, it's most likely that things won't exactly turn out the way you plan it to be. That people might come to you for help, only later, realising that they don't actually need it. 

Which might make you feel a little low. Cause you start questioning all the things you've done. Which of course, in actual fact, did not go to waste. Because it's through hardships that you learn about your value, principle and belief. And by working for what you believe in, you sharpen your skills a little. Your character gets more refined. That really, there's no harm in striving for what's right. 

And like always, Sir TP's view on the system was highlighted in a subtle yet thought invoking manner. 
If I watched this in primary school, I would have talked about the living dead. "I'm not a ghost, I'm just dead. And I don't believe in those stupid metaphysical rubbish."
If I watched this is high school or college, I would have talked about his word puns. "Owh Albert Einstein? He's a distant cousin. Relatively speaking, of course." Hahaha. 

And now I came to realised that most of his books goes along the line that, you are one person, but one good, honest person, can make a difference in this wretched world.

And because I read so many of his books, I came to the conclusion that, that one person, exists in many forms. A good cop. An honest banker. A dedicated parent. A good healer. :) It could be me. It could be you. So go on, get out of your comfort zone a little, and lets do our part, into making today, a past we won't regret.


Thank you Allah, for making me an avid reader. Thank you Florence for introducing me to this awesome author. I remember you lending me the first book, believing that I have "good command" in English. And Sarah for being a partner in becoming Sir TP's fan. I've been getting his books on hardcover lately. Can't stop myself XD 

And a question that bugs me,
To Kindle, or not to Kindle?


My entries seem to get longer these days. To not burden the page with too many words, lets have a food photo spam. Jyeah!!!

Beef Pie, inspired by Sorted on Youtube.

Beef pie when cut. Failed to laden the pie stuffing with gravy though XD Have to try it again someday. Cause I promised someone to. :) Now that I think of it, I've never cooked for you and your friends before! Aiyark~

Korean Pancake with seafood. Sebab kempunan di suatu petang yang ditemani hujan dan sejuk. And next attempt would be with chives. I bought a pot of fresh chives for that. Sebab chives yang lain tu dari Israel, and lagi mahal pun. :P

Dinner :D It was a Facebook trigger, cause some juniors made spicy rice cake, but since I had that when Kirin came the last time, makanya, I decided to make rice cake soup! With lotsa beef. Aku suka betul makan daging, takpe aku anaemic.

This is what happen when you separate the egg yolk and white, then fry them and cut them into strips. Did you know, preparing Korean food is actually a tedious job? Tapi sedaplah. 

Ta da~ Throwing the egg strips. Om nom nom~

Ohkay then. Bagi yang tetiba lapar, selamat memasak! :D Heee~~~


zainabibrahim said...

macam sedapp ja..
lama amat xmemasak kot..
wahhh sedapppnyaaa..

nora~zizi said...

tempting kannnn.. adoi~
i senang sgt terpengaruh utk masak bile tgk makanan sedap
seriously, i nak try buat durian crepe.. hahaha.. u pernah makan ke jenny?

zainabibrahim said...

tapi depa semua kata sedappp..
i rasa kalu dorian masak pa pon sedapp..
n whip cream lagi..
kalori n gula sure tinggi nih.

nora~zizi said...

hypercholesterol skali~ adoi~
tapi ade ke makanan sedap yang sihat