Wednesday, June 27, 2012

bang bang, my baby shoot me

Salam all ^^

Guess what, I'm done with tropical med credit!!! Alhamdulillah~ I got to know I failed it yesterday and since yesterday was spent outside, I tayar pancit when I got back. T_T
Dr Stejskal gave us subjective questions (3 each) and it was manageable today. :) I was having tremors while writing the answer.

Anyway, today, a lesson learnt is: I gotta study the map. I'm not the type to travel, or the type to know so many places, I'd rather not venture, cause then, it'll add up to the number of places I yearn to go to, in times of needing tranquil. Or maybe, I'll just Google up the place if patient require vaccination/advises on trips. Muahaha. We'll see, Nora can turn into Dora the Explorer for the break. Doufam, ze muzu :P

Can't wait to head back. I heard that someone has started the bicycle regime. Hurray! Semangat nak sihatkan diri jugak camni~


Out of my 5 years of study, maybe this is my earliest flight back home so far (not to mention winter break :P) cause this year, we got to catch up on life, to make up what we've missed before, together. Hee~

If things did not happen, we wouldn't be able to appreciate this moment. 

A happy child today, 

ps: title relates to photo. no, syamee is not my "baby", i used to hear this during one winter break, on eza's playlist. just that, the architecture in Czech is one worth a Charlie's Angels post. kekeke. Bang bang! 


Bila bukak KFC Online on FB today, terlihat this link:
I hope every single thing leads me to You, for I am, as of now, very far. :'(

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