Monday, May 18, 2009

being conscious

If we were to do okay in whatever we do, I guess the best weapon is to have a clear state of mind.

*Leading myself into believing that in actual fact, I'm prepared*

Heh. Back into indulging the never-ending declensions and cases and so on. O_o

On a random note, this is what I got for playing with stray cat. (I didn't even touch it!)
Mohan: Why are you playing with that cat? It's dirty.
Modise: Eew, I think it's diseased. If you look at the ear you can see one is flipped. Some ear defect.
(Everbody laughs at Zizi)
The benefit of being young? You'll always be bullied. HAHAHA.


zainabibrahim said...

wat cud i say more?
all the best test czech!!

nora~zizi said...

you can say this: (gaya kena ambil gambar sebab passer-by nampak tak helpful)
"kesian zizi"

:P.. thanks kak jane~

Flo said...

Oh dear. Poor cat. Tsk tsk.

nora~zizi said...

I wonder if I'll keep a cat if I weren't a med student... hehe... a wishful thinking :P

Flo said...

can... just reduce your attention to your precious "you-know" and then you'll have time to keep a cat. :P

nora~zizi said...

uwahhh... maybe i should... but i've ignored him for quite sometime :P
been busy with other guys :P HAHAHAHA