Saturday, June 25, 2016

deep breath


So I tried finding peace in writing one day, like how it has helped me cope all this while, but all I ended up concocting was a wreck, and a reflection of how much of a failure I am. My idea of a physical journal, is, a very personal space, which I would rather watch burn then let anyone invade and flips through them.

I knew I needed help, so I shared a bit of what I wrote to a friend, and I am writing here today, just to remind myself, that people do not really give a shit. Haha.

I am writing here today, to tell myself, to be a bit more selfish. To be more picky when it comes to friends. Let go of those whom use me just as a means to have conversations with others. And befriend those whom I could truly connect and share my future with.


And I will still try, somehow, to love everything. It seems flawed, but that is how I get by.