Wednesday, October 30, 2013



So freakin' annoyed right now.
Lets just keep quiet.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013



And we asked of God, to purify our hearts, which were stained by mistakes we made. And in someways, to erase parts of our memories, so we get a rewiring of the complicated system of the nerves, so we won't travel down that familiar road which effortlessly yet successively steals our awareness of being merely creation.


A month
I may be starting work in a month. :) Happy in a way but a message came in today that kinda slapped me into being more disciplined in my preparation for The Job. Two more things left to buy. One license to acquire. Was supposed to increase jogging distance this week but not today I guess :). And then, there's the idea to make my own guidebook. Gah. Still haven't started on that. Materials are there but need the push. Haha. COME ON GIRLLLL!!!!!


Lee Hyori
I adore her. Such a humble entertainer. :)

She finally got married at the age of 34. :D And I thought her wedding was an honest wedding. :)
Maybe the reason I like her is because she's true to herself. And she does her job well and live a moderate, healthy life. It's hard to do when you're a top entertainer.

She's part of my idea of a successful modern-time woman.

Somewhat feeling good for her,
Nora ;)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ouch ouch..


I learnt that driving lessons can be exhausting. Any license to practice would need hardwork I guess, so that we don't get ourselves and others into trouble. Huhu.

I used to hate side parking. Practice makes it less hateful. And so is with being patient with other hateful things in life. Huhu

Sore thenars. T_T Salonpas is cool. :)



Back in Prague, at Kak Liza's place, the bedroom cum attic has the kind of movable roof. Which is quite cool. And practical as well, seeing as you needn't lie on some grass somewhere to stargaze.
I wish I could always stargaze at a nearby field, but last weekend, whilst playing basketball and football with the brothers, suddenly a weird Pak Cik came and his presence was annoyingly uncomfortable. I stopped playing cause he seems like a stalker, and he started conversing with my brothers from a distance at first. My brother lied about where we stayed. Anyway, he came too close to where me and my other brother were lepaking, so we left the field and made our way to the shops nearby.

I thank God I have good brothers. Lay track on strangers so they won't find you. Well, maybe the fellow just wanted to chat, but hell-o, you don't chat with strangers, and there definitely wasn't a need to come too close. Scary. :/

The night exercise has been crossed out. Gahhhh. However, we now frequent the lakeside for evening jogs ^_^

I found out that a lakeside house in Kota Kemuning cost 1.4 million. Gilalah. T_T Seriously man, we can't even afford a house these days. Totally getting one out of Selangor. Pengsan!

A full lap is 2.1km. :D Hope to increase my endurance and be fit for work and life! Woo hoo! Come on people, lets bergaya hidup sihat! :D

Cau cau,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

oh, the places you could go


When you've done one step, then comes another.
This kind of predictability, is what makes life an adventure.
The curiosity of knowing what will be around a choice.

I tried to find a sopan-pantun photo. Hope this pass the mark. HAHAHAHAHA.


Now I need to know what happens to Maurice and his educated rodents.

Back to my cave of adventure,

Friday, October 18, 2013



"There's a door."
"Where does it go?"
"It stays where it is, I think."

Hehe. That's the thing about everything, aite? It's always there. If you open that door, open every door, somehow, you'll find one that is meant for you. Cause not everyone would want to open every door. Funny how most of us bow to the fear of the unknown.

Well, one can never be too careful, yes?


In the time that I haven't been blogging, I have easily turned into a monster. :O Takut tak takut tak.. Kekeke.

The water spirit. Being monstrous isn't actually a bad thing, if you're doing good.

Cause blogging is good emotional exercise (at least, that is what I think) and there was so much going on in the past week but I failed to organise what was running around, hence mishandling my train of thoughts and feel. Huaaa.. rasa macam dah cukup dewasa tapi asyik gagal aje bertindak wajar. Haha. No matter, when you are met with unfamiliar challenges, of course it takes time to familiarise.

And talking of familial things, I guess I can safely say that I have found peace in some changes. This is perhaps more comfortable. And much easier in the going-out-for-important-things department for less questions are being asked. Wee hooooo... *All the while hoping, that I won't do the wrong thing*


The A-bomb. Getting into arguments and deciding on a win, doesn't really help eyh? :/

It's like getting a reminder from God, in the form of a blow in the head, to live the right way. Bak kata pak cik-pak cik, "Janganlah kau lebih sekular dari sekular".

Which reminds me, I have soooo much left to learn. *gigit jari*



There are people out there, who cares about what kind of doctor you will be. Alhamdulillah, to get connected again. Dear God, you give me so many beautiful forms of Your Mercy and yet......
*marilah bersama-sama menyedari status hamba*

All in all, what I concluded from the program was, with the trust bestowed upon us, I must strive to do enough in this world, so that I'd be at peace when leaving it. There're so much opportunities :O :O :O

 Lee, and Yan. Yan's car won't start, so we rode a tow truck back to Shah Alam. It was very interesting. Haha.

I met and told Kak Alia about it. And somewhat was assured with a decision made. Funny enough, that also opened up the courage to do what I thought I wouldn't do.



Bringing up the past beats the purpose of making up/settling things.
Aku rasalah.
Sebab mengungkit tu seolah-olah membuka kembali luka yang masing-masing sudahpun terima dengan jantung yang redha.

Fact is, we will get hurt, and along the way, we will hurt others. Aku harap bila dah terjadi, lidah aku cukup ringan untuk minta keampunan. Tapi tak lah begitu ringan sehingga maaf itu hilang nilai.


Raya was amazing. :)


Thursday, October 10, 2013

carpe diem


I broke the O-for-October plan.
To make room for this awesome song.

I miss Prague today.
I miss reasoning out life with you.
I hope you are well. :)
It doesn't matter that we're of different religion.
You're one of the great gifts from God to this slave of His.


Carpe Diem (have a listen)

Some days are colder
And some nights are warmer
Don't know for sure
Some times for smiling
And some are for crying
We never know

Why do we wait
Till the very last moment
To say what we feel
To do what we know that
We're meant to do

What is in your heart today?
What if you knew, that yesterday would turn out that way?
Would you change anything
Anything to make it all right?
What if there was no tomorrow?
What if you knew beforehand that we'll never meet again?
Would you change anything
To get a perfect ending?

So many times
We are looking behind
to find the truth
So many people have passed us by
Have we enough to give

Don't have to wait
For the very last moment
To say what we feel
To do what we know that
We're meant to do
We only have one lifetime to spend
Spend it wisely
Only have one chance to live
Live it wisely
Only have one choice to make
Choose wisely
Only have one lifetime to live
What is in your heart today?
What if you knew, that yesterday would turn out that way?
Would you change anything
Anything to make it all right?
What if there was no tomorrow?
What if you knew beforehand that You'll never meet again?
Would you change anything
To get a perfect ending?

florence's creation

Forever mak ciks XD XD XD 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

orang tua


Orang tua favourite. One of the few people whom I met, and made me draw a smile on my face. Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man. Adorbs. :)

And the FB message today goes like this.

Alkisah seorang menantu yang membenci mertuanya…

Pada satu ketika dahulu, Aminah berkahwin dan tinggal bersama suami dan mak mertuanya. Hubungan Aminah dengan mak mertuanya bermula saja sudah seperti anjing dengan kucing.

Mereka berdua tidak pernah berhenti bergaduh kerana kedua-dua tidak dapat menahan sikap dan tabiat masing-masing. Mak mertuanya, Jannah mengkritiknya setiap hari.

Disebabkan budaya menghormati orang tua, Aminah sentiasa akur dengan permintaan mak mertuanya yang dirasakan melampau seperti seorang diktator. Suaminya pula tidak mahu berpihak kepada sesiapa. Aminah merasakan mak mertuanya inginkan menantu baru – samada ada dua pilihan, paksa suaminya untuk menceraikannnya atau suruh suaminya berkahwin seorang lagi.

Setiap hari Aminah memikirkan perkara ini… 

Akhirnya Aminah tidak tahan, dan berjumpa dengan seorang Ustaz Rawatan Herba Ustaz Yahya, sahabat karib ayahnya, untuk menyelesaikan mak mertuanya.

Aminah mengadu segalanya pada Ustaz Yahya, dan meminta untuk mendapatkan herba racun untuk menyelesaikan masalah mak mertuannya.

“Pakcik boleh bagi. Tapi Nah kena ikut cakap pakcik sampai akhir. Kalau tidak, pakcik tak tanggung apa-apa yang berlaku nanti,” kata Ustaz Yahya.

Aminah kegembiraan, “No problem. Saya mesti dengar cakap pakcik!”

“Nah tak boleh guna racun yang cepat to menyelesaikan mak mertua awak, kerana orang akan syaki. Jadi, pakcik akan berikan beberapa herba yang akan menyebabkan racun terhasil secara sendirinya dalam badan mak mertua secara slow-slow. Setiap hari, Nah kena masak sedap dan letakkan sedikit herba ini dalam makanan untuk mak mertua.

Supaya tiada orang yang akan syaki Nah apabila terjadi apa-apa, Nah kena berlakon untuk menjaganya dengan baik. Jangan gaduh dengan dia, ikut cakap dia, dan layanilah mak mertua macam mak kamu sendiri.”

Aminah gembira sangat dengan cadangan pakcik dan mulakan langkah untuk menyelesaikan mak mertuanya.

Hari, masuk ke minggu, masuk ke bulan, Nah membuat hidangan yang cukup sedap untuk mak mertuanya supaya mak mertuanya tidak sedar kehadiran racun herba tersebut. Nah juga berhenti bergaduh dengan mak mertuanya kerana tidak mahu disyaki, Nah mengawal emosinya, dan mengikut segala perintah dan melayani mak mertuanya seperti maknya sendiri.

Setelah 6 bulan, mood di rumah Aminah berubah. Mak mertuanya sering memberitahu jiran-jiran dia dapat menantu terbaik di dunia ini. Aminah pula sudah tidak kenal erti marah, segalanya adalah seperti biasa untuknya. Sekarang mak mertuanya mudah dijaga dan bergaul seperi maknya sendiri.

Suami Aminah adalah orang paling gembira di rumah. Aminah sudah mengandung dua bulan.

“Pakcik, pakcik. Nak minta tolong. Ingat tak 6 bulan lalu, pakcik bagi saya herba racun untuk menyelesaikan mak mertua saya… boleh tak pakcik bagi penawarnya. Mak mertua dah bertukar menjadi seorang yang baik… saya sekarang sayang padanya macam mak saya. Saya tak nak dia mati kerana racun yang saya letak di setiap hidangannya,” kata Aminah yang pergi berjumpa dengan Ustaz Yahya.

Ustaz Yahya bergelak besar.

“Usah bimbang Nah. Pakcik tak pernah beri racun, dan tak pernah jual racun. Yang pakcik beri ialah vitamin pada mak mertua awak dan penawar untuk racun di minda Nah dan juga kelakuan Nah pada mak mertua… sekarang nampaknya racun itu dah habis dibuang dengan timbulnya rasa sayang Nah pada mak mertua… HAHAHAHAHHAHAH,” kata Ustaz Yahya.

Dapat isi tersirat? 

Wahai anakku,
Ada masa, kamu tidak dapat lari daripada meracun diri sendiri dengan teori konspirasi yang hanya wujud di kepala kamu sendiri sedangkan tiada orang yang berniat sedemikian rupa di luar. 

Sekiranya kamu dah terkena racun diri sendiri dan teori konspirasi mainan minda sendiri, cubalah tarik nafas panjang dan bertukar pandangan dan memokus kepada kerja yang ada di tangan. Hentikan berhujah mengenai teori konspirasi tersebut. Jangan biarkan dirimu terus menelan racun air liur akibat bayangan teori konspirasi di minda sehingga mempercayainya seperti sesuatu yang pasti berlaku.

Wahai anakku,
Jika kamu benci pada seseorang, cubalah cari benda yang baik untuk dipuji padanya. Nescaya jika dibuat berulang-ulang, perasaan benci itu akan pudar – dan hidup kamu akan kembali tenang. 

Wahai anakku,
Sedarlah bila kamu membenci seseorang, yang tidak tenteram hanyalahmu, dan bukan si dia yang dibencimu. Membenci bukanlah serangan yang mengena pada lawanmu, tapi sebaliknya ia melukakan kamu sendiri.

Salam sayang daripada ayahanda. Senyum


Have good thoughts of one another. A challenge, but it'll be worth it inshaAllah.

Fight ohhh!!!


Today, I was less kan cheong on the road. Thank God ^_^

Owh and a little something today:
"The person who thinks about the past always look sad, the person who thinks about the present is always calm and happy, the person who thinks about the future is always anxious".

Marilah bertenang dan bergembira :) We're still alive whatttt.. Kekeke.


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

on the road


So I had my first practical lesson after 2 weeks of my previous theory lesson, today.
I drove Automatic cars before, so, I was a bit nervous. Haha. I really have very little idea how to play with the clutch and accelerator.

It took half an hour to learn the clutch and accelerator and breaking till you reach a full stop.

And Teach asked me, "you rasa dah ready ke, nak bawak kat jalan?"
"Boleh kot try"
"Okay, harini you bawak pergi Cheras, put on seatbelt, I nak panggil student lagi, dia harini exam dekat sana"
Puts on seatbelt.
Sambil memikirkan the amount of rules I shall be breaking. (Please refer KPP to guess :P)

Maka bermulalah perjalanan si Nenek, Teach dan seorang penumpang. Ohkay, I kinda panicked when we were about to exit the school compound.
"Serious ni, you nak I masuk jalan ni?"
"Masuk je cik, tak ada hal, kalau langgar mesti berbunyi, tekan je minyak tu"
And suddenly I had to go into alert mode. Hahaha.

My journey today, since I can't really recognise the road, can be simplified as
Jalan dalam at Shah Alam -> Highway -> Jalan dalam at Cheras.

As far as I can remember, I cannot exceed 40km/h. And I should be driving in the left most lane.
Today because I had to overtake errr.. not one but a few vehicles, I think I went up to 140km/h. I am still in a state of awe and not believing that I REALLY DID DRIVE IN THE RIGHT LANE DENGAN LAJUNYA TANPA RASA BERSALAH GILOSSSSS.
Needless to say, I experienced all five gears today.
And the funniest part was the tollgates. Teach has a Smart TAG so, I needn't stop fully. When I've slowed down to 20km/h on the second gear, he told me, "Okay, now you must say the magic word, Zam Zam, Alakazam".

It was funneh and the serious part of me went, in my mind "Huh? Seriouslyyyy" but my tongue acted otherwise. Lets be a good sport, shall we? So I went, "Zam zam, Alakazam!!!" dengan se-majestic boleh. Hahaha.

Cheras was damn scary. I had fun at the corners but the further in we went, the more cars there were. Tips from Teach includes "Kan ada dua kereta dekat tepi, kalau macam tu, you tengok depan, so you tak takut". Hahaha.

I had lotsa fun driving. My left leg had found its use today. Clutch is a funny funny thing. I'll definitely go for automatic gear. I don't think I'll fare well with an extra thing to think about when I work. I'll get friendly with the clutch again when I get the opportunity to dirt race. Heeeee.

On the way back from Cheras, I was to drive from the Highway onward. Till I reached home, Kota Kemuning. I think I drove for over an hour and a half today. Balik pengsan. Haha.

Disclaimer: Please don't try this at home. I fully understand my Teach's intention, to make sure I don't have too much fear, driving on the road, and to get me accustomed to really driving and not just passing my JPJ test. Survival after the lesson should after all, be everyone's priority. And I know well the dangers of high speed etc., will adjust to circumstances. InshaAllah. :D

Ya Allah, gembiranya saya hari ini. ^_^ Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

of course



Thank God, for the reminder.

Monday, October 07, 2013



In matters where an opinion of another would be deemed worthless, lets not fight.
Fighting is tiring.
I find backing down a complicated matter as well.
I can't reason backing down, when doing so, makes you feel better than the other person.
We should never think that we're any better than anyone, kan?

There're however, things which are so hard to be heard and listened to.
A lot harder then, for the heart to accept.
And you feel mentally and emotionally abused from it, that, you can't help but express, that those words thrown at you, made you feel that way.

It wrings you, it tires you, it bothers a whole lot.

Wait and be patient.
Good will come out of all these.
There had been many circumstances, where what you thought was the greatest solution didn't happen, and He proves right away why His plan was the best. Kan kan? :)


"I spun around and hurt no more....."

Best song evahhhhh. Haha. Owh I love this guy.

JAKIM can stop marriage but it can't stop love. (refere here)
Lol lol.

Saturday, October 05, 2013



Begitu asyik dengan masalah peribadi sehingga tidak ku sedari, tafsir Baqarah dah sampai ayat 232 you alls! Hoi jauh bebenar nak kejar keretapi begini.

Tidak mengapalah, bergeraklah kamu wahai hamba Tuhan, ke arahNya walau bagaimana cara pun.

Kenapa tidak 286 ayat terus?
Kerana mereka belum post online lagi. Kah kah kah.

Untuk yang berminat: Tafseer Al Baqarah from Bayyinah Institute.

Malam bertemankan Podcast.

Lebih baik begitu. :)




Akhirnya, at speed of by-camel-delivery, my stuffs arrived. Thank God :D The drill sergeant at home, managed to persuade my arranging everything till there's no trace of the 5 Ikea boxes ever making an appearance in this house. A miracle. *Z snap* Hahaha.

To become a scientist, we must first acquire, a white mouse. Hohoho. 

October means PMR and finals in Universities will come to an end. So the two brothers will be freeeeeee. I get to play more. I hope. Haha. Mama had a slip of tongue the other day and called me "Adil Nora" (the brothers all have "Adil" before their name) after I did some crazy things. Skits and performances are necessities to keep the atmosphere at ease you see. 

I met Lammie at the SPA interview. And forgot all about the need to study and ended up interviewing each other instead. I thought, if I don't know what they're asking, might as well be honest and say I don't know. Updating with a friend seemed a more precious act that day. :) And Lammie chose HTAR as her number 1 and 2 :D :D :D Memandangkan I have a gang now, I chose that as well. Hospital buruk dan sibuk namun kerja berpasukan yang terbaik. I remember how I started my practical the same time as an HO last year. Damn busy. Hatta hari pertama pun. Memang harus cepat berdikari. Tapi MOs kelahiran HTAR so cekap I tell you. It is in very rare occasion that the management plan would differ so much between MOs and Specialists. KB and Yana are there as well. If I get HTAR, they'll be my senior HO. :D :D :D

Excited really, to start a new life. Where I'd be using my mental and emotional and physical strength for humankind, for His sake. Must build discipline also. Seeing as how the deed comes with payment. :O :O :O 

Need to shed some kilos,