Saturday, September 07, 2013



I  miss being busy.

So I look for things.

:) Save me from wasting time O Lord.

HO thingy, getting in contact with Hasanah. (Ain's cousin, whom I know of when I was very young, who shares the same view on some things. heeee ^_^) Getting my driving license. And hopefully, I could join the research thingy. Kyaaaaaa...

He's making things hard. I hope he'll get over this tantrum period soon. I hope I won't get sick of this ritual of his. Gotta accept the fact that you're not there to fix anything, Nora. :D Live happy, kay? And be kind, be kind for His sake. All will be well. :)


Hana made me watch a ghost story. And here I thought, I would be abstinent for the rest of my life. Tapi ini cerita sumpah lawak dari takut, maka, kutonton dengan hati dan mata dan telinga terbuka. Haha.


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