Saturday, April 13, 2013

you are one person


Berkhidmat untuk alam.

Apparently, I can't embed this awesome Oncie video, but here's the link.

Have I told you how I simply love Dr Seuss?
If I haven't, well today, I'd like to write a little on The Lorax Project.

Here's a link to the project.

I know this may sound childish to many, but I figured not many of us adults are into saving the world.
We tend to focus on big things when in actual fact, it's the small things done with perseverance that matters more. Check out the how YOU can make a change page.

You are one person, but one righteous person can make a difference.

Like how Lorax put it:
"UNLESS someone like you care a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. No it's not"

Lets not regret things a lil' too late like Oncie.
It's a good thing he repented, but yeah, it wouldn't have happen, UNLESS.



Because the reasoning, "I'm just doing what comes naturally" is really really selfish.

:( Apalah aku dah buat dengan kehidupan aku.

Gotta be more selfless >.<

She who needs to take more care of her Truffulas,

PS: No, I'm not working for Dr Seuss or anything of the sort. There're some things that are worth promoting :)

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