Tuesday, March 19, 2013

more later


Did you know, we managed to berkelas memasak beriyani last Saturday! Woo hoo! :D

Thank God we did.

I've been keeping the packet of Basmathi and Ghee for far too long.
At first, Thams wasn't going to come, and being the person I am, I told her it was okay (but my face cannot hide the disappointment) and when I told Syamee, she went aaaw.. Cause deep inside, we knew it wouldn't work without the Master. :P Kekeke

I actually got back from the library a lil' while ago and tonight we're meeting an ObGyn specialist for dinner. :D So, I'll update the recipe later :)

And because the blog has been very word-ish lately, please enjoy these teaser photos :D


Owh and about the I-am-very-bad-at-hiding-my-inner-feel, I think I gotta do something about it. Maybe I shouldn't be smiling all the time, so that people won't be quick to recognise exactly when I have a problem. Haha. Nah, too complicated.

And then I realise that I'm awkward around people whom I think intimidate (?) me. And I would feel bad post incident, cause that's so lah not me. Hahaha. The act of peace-giving (beri salam) should come effortlessly.

I am mostly harmless.
(Or rather, I prefer harming myself than harming others)

Ok, peace y'all ^^