Thursday, December 27, 2012

smile :)

Lets not complicate things.
Lets be happy.

Worrying kills.
And to be merciful is to be at peace.

Peace y'all~ :D


Ohkay lets work on the life plan.

Every year we have this "Program Maju Diri" thing at home. And the funny thing is, every year, although Abah has prepared materials for us, he would end up talking about the same thing. Haha.

It was partly our fault, for not taking things seriously the years before. The thing we enjoyed most about the program was the food and camwhoring and rewards. It's funny how we would crack our brain trying to think up an answer to his questions. Semua nak menang. "Me! Me! I raised my hands first!!!!!" :P

This summer, maybe cause my brothers are smarter, we had some brainstorming done. On how to get as much reward (read: pahala) from God as possible. And we were told to think up the idea separately, no one could cheat anyway, we were given very little time. :O I was surprised at the outcome. Boleh tahan hebat adik-adik aku.

And a lil' token was kept in the form of videos. Hana couldn't make it to the program, she had a meeting or summat. And we were told to make some poem/dialogue/anything, that, if we tell Hana, would immediately trigger her to treat us Pappa Rich :P And the result came as a surprise too. Mama couldn't participate because hers was a sure win. Being a parent gives an edge when it comes to asking things from a working child. Kekeke.

This year, Kak Liyana joined us actually. And next year, if there's time, I assume we will have another one. After which I won't be able to participate because of work. :( That'll be the last pre-adult preparation I guess.

Anyway, I think I need to seriously act on the stuffs taught to us. Organizing has never been my forte but to be an adult, I have to do it. Aigoo~

Thank you parents, for making up the time we've lost with these programs. :) Hope to repay you in some way, someday. It'll never amount to the sacrifices you've made, but yeah, some way, someday.


I've finally made a proper Pavlova! :D Thanks for the lesson Syamee!
Those interested, here's a link to a reliable recipe.

 Whipped meringue 

 After being baked in an oven pre-heated at 180 C, later switched to 150 C right before putting in the meringue. Bake for about 30 minutes then let cool. :) 

The shell was crunchy, and the inside, a marshmallow consistency. Woot2~ Serve with whipped cream, fruits and ice cream!!! :D



zainabibrahim said...

wah bestnyaaaa
dah lama teringin nk wat..
tapi sampai skrg tak buat2..
nampak ngat dah malasss...
simple n sweet jer tgk..

zainabibrahim said...

eh jappp..
did u guy masukkan vinegar?
kalu tak bubuh xjadik ker?
ker boleh change ngan bende lain..?
saja jaa tanyaaa..

nora~zizi said...

buat2!!! very the simple!!!

yang kali ni ktorg masukkan.. aritu pernah once buat tak letak, tapi jadi je.. tp yg letak vinegar ni lagi umph la~

zainabibrahim said...

vinegar pa guna?
yg cuka makan tuh yek?
ker guna apple cider vinegar?
gempakkk kottt..
serius hebatttt

nora~zizi said...

aritu guna apple cider vinegar, sebab tade vinegar biasa tu :P tapi ok jelah.. alhamdulillah~ berdebaq jugak buat, takut tak jadiiii.. kekeke.. pastu kan, make sure bekas/mixer yg u guna tu tade air or minyak langsung tau! klu tak nnt tak perfect pavlova nya.