Sunday, November 04, 2012


Niat menulis pagi ni sebab teringat pesanan Abah.
It was after a day of cycling.
I almost passed out bila naik bukit yang mana entah. Usually Yasmin is the one to make all the dramas (throwing up etc) tapi memandangkan semua orang in the family is dramatic, that one day happened to be mine.

I woke up late that day, minum separuh cawan milo (too hot to finish it) then head out cycling with the rest.
Baru masuk hutan tu, but I felt weak already. My legs doesn't seem to want to cycle as usual. Muscular fatigue kot.

And after beberapa bukit kecil, we made it to the big one, which I had no problem with before, but that day, balancing on the bike didn't work so well so I had to stop halfway and push the bike to the peak. (And tell you what, pushing your bike uphill is waaaaaaaaaaay more tiring than riding it!)

Gasping, Abah asked why, and gave a lecture which I couldn't quite remember because I was quite pre-syncopal that time. And in the midst of his talk, I just lied down and use the bike as leg rest.
And there was a photo of that.
Abah sent it to Yasmin cause she wasn't around, and that would make a good joke of the day for her. Haha. Serves me right for always belittling her throwing up ages ago. (You can't help but do that with siblings. It's only natural!)

Anyway, the rebellion part came because Abah told me to eat telur separuh masak before I go cycling, so my legs won't feel tired. And to drink enough, so I won't be dehydrated too fast.
I don't like soft boiled eggs :'( For reasons I couldn't quite remember. Must be the texture. So rebel part one came because I ate hard boiled egg instead. Haha. Abah went "pfft!" tapi menerima aje. And I didn't drink as much as instructed. (I slept early, so memang tak teringat, and to drink so much in the morning would result in uncomfortable ride). I grabbed Livita though. Saje je.
And the best thing the next day was, I got to ride Mama's bike. Muahahaha. Ringan, laju, sedap je nak drift-drift, plus mineral oil. In fact Abah offered his bike (quote Mama "huish, ambillah peluang ni, Mama pun tak pernah dapat offer macam tu") but knowing my cemerkap self, I'd rather not face the lecture that may come with damaging any parts of his bike.
(The trick is, if you admit before your parents come to know of it, usually they would be more accommodating  Trust me. I was once a professional in property damage.)

And the reason I'm writing this is because, today I have futsal practice. And I just ate telur separuh masak. Whylah we all nak jadi anak baik bila berjauhan daripada keluarga. And not when they want us to?
Haha. Jawapannya, saje, sebab duduk dekat rumah, boleh bermanja dan hidup kurang berdikari. HAHA. Jawapan ni selalu lepas piawaian dekat rumah. Sebab penuh kebenaran dan kejujuran. Terima kasih ibubapa~

Ok, rindu sebenarnya.

Anak solehah di perantauan,

Nak upload gambar, tapi apesal muka aku semuanya epic. Nah, amek gambar telur separuh masak ni. Ada terliur? Ada geli?

So many grammatical error. Gah. -.-;;;

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