Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Is mainly ego.
The sense that you can't be hurt, can't be bothered.
Ignorance. Apathy.


TCV, and I'm not recommending the book. It's filled with ugly truths. You may end up nauseated reading it. In fact, I think everyone is just so messed up there. Everyone is inflicting harm on just about anyone. It's bound to happen, when all you care about is yourself (perhaps?)
A disrupted way of life but reality none the less.

It was very depressing reading the book (remind me not to do something so dangerous again) and I was feeling uncomfortable so I decided to calm myself with NAK's talk. *Alhamdulillah for the existence of this man. I think he helped a lot with my trying to be more acquainted with the Quran. May Allah's blessings be always upon you, brother!*

The title of the talk was: Returning To Allah. (downloadable here!)
This, I recommend listening to. :) I think it touched a lot on the problems we face nowadays. And truth be told, I think it cleared pretty much all the conflict in TCV.

A gist of what I got:
No matter how messed up we think we are, don't EVER lose hope in Allah's Forgiveness (Allah is Extremely Forgiving) and His Mercy (Allah is Always Merciful).

It is very common for us to shun away from people we have disappointed. How we can barely look in the eye of our friends when we know we made a mistake etc. but just what are our bad deeds to be compared to His Mercy. To sin is only to harm ourselves, and here Allah tells us to return to Him, regardless, before it's too late.

The talk also touches on us, youth's biggest problems: having little respect of our parents, and over exposure to shamelessness. And how to at least spend your time not doing harm.


Oh, I have yet again decided to not take my exam but insyaAllah, will take it in a month's time. By the time which, I'll have another, smaller exam. :)

I know people are praying for me and I thank you very much for that, and please keep me in your prayers always! ;)

Have a nice Zulhijjah everyone!

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