Saturday, October 06, 2012

93 miles

Weekend means calling home, and I managed just that.

Mama ask if the green-box-yet-to-be-named is in good condition, and thank God it is.

I dropped it together with my laptop at the airport when I was heading back to Prague. At some airport cafe. Abah put on the 'what in the world has my daughter done?' face and helped replaced my laptop bag unto a chair.

It was after I got my drink that I realised he also made the effort to tie my bag to the chair. That's family for you, he knows I tend to lose focus so he added preventive measures, in order that I won't repeat the mistake. T'was a small matter that meant big to me. Maybe cause when I was younger (tak nak mengaku tua. Haha), instead of a protective measure, I would be blamed and scolded for my clumsiness. Needless to say, I was thankful sebab kena marah itu serius tak best.

If they knew that I dropped the green box dekat JPA briefing jugak, it'd be so funny. Hahaha. I had to suppress the urge to tell Mama I did just that.

Anyway, exam is coming soon, that's why I'm writing again.

And this being the last year (insyaAllah) and all, random thoughts just pop out of no where in my head.

And an ironic random thought that keeps bugging me is how I feel like I'm in first year again. Excited. And a lil' anxious. I hope the anxiety would tone down, cause I think it's making me a lil' selfish these days. Yikes.

Now that the bottled up feel has been spilled, lets Magrib~ and teruskan berusaha.

*kalau tak susah, why would they wanna call this final year kan? Just do it yaw~*

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