Monday, May 28, 2012

out of my library!

If Madam Pomfrey works here, I may be sanctioned to a gruesome penalty.
For in the consideration of my future as a doctor, I have, with the help of a good knife, disattach the contents of my Internal Med book from its spine.

What we all need after exam is a good body message or some kind of electrotherapy. These fasciculation of muscles are at the moment, rather irritating.

Brain and buttock power. Studying essentials. Deffo.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


(Do you get the pun? Kekeke)

Oh SAN of my heart, 
I love you for your good conduct,
Yeah, you can keep it coming,
Keep it going,
Cause I don't wanna fall,
Into asystole.

(Incomplete lyrics, again, but in case you wanna hum to this, the music is of the reggae genre :D)
On this lovely gloomy day, I hereby announce that Cardiology block is done with!!! 

:) (: 

Among the many things I learnt: importance of the Czech language, or rather, communication - in a way, it's more or less how it'll worked in Malaysia aite? Cause some words are just untranslatable or, in cases where you don't have a second language, some words just don't exist in your dictionary. 
I'm predicting lotsa new words when I'll start with the clerking, what with our negara kesayangan having this stretch of diversity, makanya, tanpa keraguan lagi, Rojak (the language) is the way to live. :P 
Thank God for Convent friends (swear words are important so that you recognise people are angry) and TVB dramas and my stand up comedian partner in crime. Haha!
Lets add more vocabs to the collection this Summer! Owh yeah!

And cikgu dekat Angio Care Unit was so kind to remind us to think and not just memorise. *I never thought I'll be given this piece of advice. Tapi serious, thankful for the realisation, to simply memorise would ruin the whole fun of education, if you get what I mean.* 


What happened last summer was, I got a lil' grumpy and highly irritable after a long day in the hospital. (Prolly cause that time I had to prepare sahur as well, cause Mama wasn't home. Thanks for reading the signs and took us Sushi King-ing for buka oh father~)
So Abah told me to find a solution for this problem - cause it isn't nice to be so caught up in negative emotions~ *Gosh*
I find that with enough energy supply, the threshold to succumb to my emotional instability increases. 
That's a theory that I need to re-confirm with the coming Ramadhan clerkship.
Instant glucose access -> Hello Kerbau Merah (Red Bull)
Also, inevitably, there are times when I feel drained, so, I must find a quiet little place to calm down and write. Writing helps me sort things out you see, cause my EQ is so bad, I can't reason things in my head. Haha. 


Winter break.
And summer's to come. :)

Happy pills :D 

Monday, May 07, 2012

tying up loose ends

You need to realise a mistake before being able to correct yourself.


Some things can be so demotivating. More so when you lack ATP. 
However, it's never too late to learn!!!

Time to walk back, and take the other road that was taken previously, but at some point was left due to lack of discipline and competence. 
This traveling is going to feel like a very long journey for the green has left the grass. 
Or rather, I'm missing the countryside. 
*talking metaphors*


And the studying months appear.
*sage mode*