Sunday, November 20, 2011


Dearest Abah and Pmn Odin, 

From the first week of lesson, I have to say, I don't think I could handle Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
And I'm sorry to have to disappoint you people. 
Truth be told, I was hoping I have in my power, the ability to venture into that field.

1. I got really pale after watching some ultrasound procedures.
2. Watching videotaped deliveries made me feel all jelly-like, or really, I felt like a snowman melting on a chair. And my hands turned cold and clammy. And I felt nauseous. 
3. The more I watch, the more I was jellified.
4. My subconscious is stopping me from witnessing an abortion.

This is a preliminary decision though. There's still a week left this semester, 2 weeks during the summer break and prolly sometime in the sixth year and my whole HO life to decide. Haha. Pray I survive this week for now please. Tysm :)

Paed ok tak? 
I can teach them kids to divert their thinking from being sick to jumping around :D Heee~ 

Orthopaedic paed? 
Decisions decisions~

On a random note, how do you contain an overwhelming feeling?

This kind of curiosity is too much for the heart to handle. 
Being righteous is not wrong.

So I don't have to be sorry.

Blekkkk :P

Thursday, November 17, 2011

when you care

When you truly care for someone, then you won't want them to harm themselves or be harmed.

Dear friend, whom I knew more of yesterday, may your sincere act of protecting her from harm be a token to get you to greater good. 

And girls, be careful when you go out. Especially if there're drunkards. Cause being a Malaysian, we have that friendly attitude, which blinds us from the cunning ways of men (women). :P

(This rant is regarding going out and having to utilise not so safe roads/alleys)  

Monday, November 07, 2011

i'm not dead yet

Salam readers (if there are any, seeing as how I have abandoned this blog for MONTHS!!!)
I seriously needed to put up a reminder for myself though, hence the post tonight.

Most of the things in life are clearly define as right and wrong, if unsure, then it's our duty to seek the knowledge to differentiate them.
(By our way of life/religion)
There're reasons as to why we were told not to come close to some things.
Cause one thing leads to another. 
And when that one thing is bad, what it leads to is usually worse.
And when we don't have the power to stop it, the most probable thing we would end up with is a headache. 

I am responsible for my mistakes. 
I shouldn't blame others.
Lets not get involved with things against our principles anymore, eyh nenek? :)
There are so many other right, beautiful ways to do it.
Thank you Allah for the realisation.

Alhamdulillah to have given me good company whom I'm glad to know would be my comrades in my future career.
Alhamdulillah to have friends who truly care.
I pray that this bond would lead us all to His Jannah. 


It's my second last year in Prague! I'm starting to miss it already~ T_T

I'm no longer holding office now, and truth be told, I'm anticipating on what challenges would lie ahead of me. :) True enough, life has been surprising. 
I hope these surprises would help me be a better person :) a better servant to the Lord. :)