Thursday, January 14, 2010

creepy shadow guy

(I firstly apologise for any mistakes made in this article)

I used to be scared of Jaafar's character in Aladdin.

And Ursula of The Little Mermaid.

And after watching The Arrivals (a documentary which tells of how small little things has conned us into believing that the wrong is right), I realised that I should keep my children away from Disney.

I only went 30 minutes into The Princess and The Frog and lookie lookie.. yet another villain with "powers from "friends on the other side" ".

Watch it yet? If not, well, the song clearly intimidates the prince to seek help from "friends from the other side", for they could fulfil his desire of being free. From the darkness, the skull, the randomly shaping shadow, one could tell these "friends from the other side" are definitely not good people.

And still, because one is so caught up in his worldly desires, he resorts to accept what the shadow man has to offer.

That's leaving your faith into something totally other than God. And for that to be a scene in a movie for children, well, that definitely made it sound like it's alright. Nauzubillah (we seek protection from Allah).

It's not just wrong.
It's FRIGHTENING since it is when we are children that we accept whatever we see ever so quickly.

On the other hand, there's also the fact that they would think "if my parents does it, then, it's alright" since parents are the ones whom they could look up to be, role models, for these are the people who were always there as the children grow.

Even if we tell them it's not alright, most of the times, action speaks louder than words.
Having been a child myself, it's true I've experienced many instances in which I prefer rebelling when what the parents mentioned is the exact opposite of what they do. Or more frequently, when an elder sibling does it. :P
Sometimes just simple little things like
"Don't place the book face-down"
"Put your clothes in the laundry basket after shower"
"Lock the door before you go up to bed"
and the list goes on.

We have yet so much to learn, to protect ourselves and people around us from accepting what is wrong, for these things has been perfectly veiled to look harmless in our eyes.

O Allah, for we are merely weak human beings, please lead our hearts into worshipping You and no other.


And boo to people who suppresses others by torching down places where poeple pray to God.


Flo said...
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Flo said...

* thumbs up for good post *

Hmm, I don't know so much about keeping kids from disney, though... because essentially, all their stories end well, with a good moral. I think virtual exposure to bad things is okay as long as the kids UNDERSTAND that those are bad and lead to bad endings so they won't do those bad things. My two pence la.

All the best for your next test! :)
God bless you, and stay cool & calm. Love you zizi! :)

nora~zizi said...

hmm... true enough.
I guess I have to do my best in educating them the right from wrong in the beginning. And to always be aware of the cunning ways of men.

Sometimes if you're not aware what the enemy is up to, it's easier to fall into their trap!

Hope this realisation would ease our bringing up children (even if not our own)... my brothers especially :P

Thanks for the wish Flo! Love you much!!!

Alia Abdul Rashid said...

mereka L.I.C.I.K kankan..hehe..ade dkt mane2..pandai,hehe

nora~zizi said...

betul2... the lecturer from pathobiochem did mention.. to always hesitate when receiving information.. until you find the source.. then, you make the decision to acknowledge the info or not.. :D