Sunday, December 20, 2009

winter break (finally~)

What are you planning to do?

How do you intend to spend your time?


:) Honestly am happy to get my mind off school (even for a while), cause when the mind is not attached to one thing, it can focus on another.


I have planned my holidays in what I hope is a fun, super-enjoyable journey. InsyaAllah.

I have firm believe that winter holidays are meant to be spent indoors where it is warm :D.
I love nature but I love to keep all my digits too :P so, there'd not
be much venture this year!

(For those guessing what I'll be doing -> Part of the fun super-enjoyable journey involves studying. Kyaaa~ but a student has got to do what a student has to do. That's the main reason I was sent here anyway. Hehe.)

Off to set my plans into motion!

How about you?
Midnight blogging makes me hungry. Lama jugak tak buat chicken chop. Hohoho.


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nora~zizi said...

x buat pun lagi :P
ni gambar time u dtg makan tu..