Wednesday, November 25, 2009

what do i do?

"Jangan sedih lama-lama sangat" Hana said.

I should bear that in mind.


For all that has happened is the best way that it could. Alhamdulillah.

Death serves as a reminder, to appreciate what we have left of this world and use it as a supply for the ever after before eventually, our biological clock stops and it's our time to go.

Learn also that by having the chance to have loved and cared for someone, surely, although they're gone, their memories live in you. And what hopes they have for you, do your best to secure it for them :).

It's okay to be sad, it's okay to cry, there's no need to be ashamed. You're only human after all. :)



Don't forget that light shines after the rain.

And being with the living, you still have tomorrow to look forward for.

And being a living being, you could still pray for those who haven't a chance to pray anymore.

Keep running, keep going cause there's no reason to give up.

InsyaAllah all will go well :)

Have faith!


It's been a rough week but I should anticipate tomorrow,


Anonymous said...

takziah atas kematian nenek.

boleh tahu dia meninggal sbb sakit apa? nenek sebelah ayah ke emak?

nora~zizi said...


belah abah. it was acute pulmonary failure. long story :)

Flo said...

Hang in there, zizi!

*whips out pom-poms and does a wild jig*

"Gimme a Z!"
"Gimme an I!"
"Gimme a Z!"
"Gimme an I!"
"Gimme a Z!"
"Gimme an I!"
(repeat verbatim many times)
"And what does that spell?"


nora~zizi said...

*hugs* back

thanks dear!

raiNiey said...

wlaupun dh lmbt.. aku nk ckp ni je kt ko...

hbgn ko dgn arwah xkan pernah tputus..slagi ko tak putus doakan arwah.. keep her in your heart, keep her in your memories, and always keep her in your doa..

Al-Fatihah utk arwah nenek ko.. smoga ditempatkn diklgn org yg soleh2..

<333 Raini.. *hug*