Sunday, July 05, 2009


Meeting someone today.

And next week is a whole row of patient care. At the hospital. Weee~

(Hope the month of very-very-little-exercise won't kill me. At least not literally :P.)

Then there's the whole new routine of packing meals. I shall go with the simplest. *Correction* Pn Nalini introduced the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away (and Sarah suggested that if the doctor is good looking, throw the apple away. Nyahaha), not that I can do anything about keeping the doctors away since I'll be working in a hospital~ Nyeh.

And for playboys, go and repent la weyh, and do your duty of apologising to people you've messed with. Mangkuk betul. Ish ish. Why are there so many of you infesting the Earth I wonder.


pnsridiyana said...

lagu ni cool! X)

nora~zizi said...

tu la pasal...
suke giler~ supaya para perempuan terus tabah! nyahahahaha

Anonymous said...

sarah said that in reply to pn nalini's apple a day quote la :)

nora~zizi said...

aaa.. it was like that ke.. :P

mar sofian said...

suka drum beat lagu ni. nice on zizi. :)

nora~zizi said...

clap clap

hii~ glad u like it.. and after so long, bolehlah stalk your blog :D ngeee~