Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i know, i know...

So much for having a break :P.

Anyway, just a lil' motivation I came across on the internet. Short entry. :)


Allah wills this life to be a mix of happiness and misery, success and failure, and ease and difficulty. His bounties, whether tangible or abstract, around us or within us, are also distributed to people according to His wisdom.


*and coincedences really surprises me. though in a good way. :)*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm going Jimmy Neutron

Make it Jimmy Neutron and Artemis Fowl in one go.
And thinking of the Fowl, I so need to get a Butler or as a Neutron, get myself a Goddard.
Living in a reality however, I'm opting for Pharmaton Caplets.
(Growing weary of explaining and so the hyperlinks :D)

Going Jimmy Neutron/Artemis Fowl means acting like them.
At the same time not acting like Sheen. Hehe.

Anyway, I'm called to stop the blog posts for sometime. So, we'll meet again, perhaps September? Then I'll be back to bombard everyone with entries from my secret diary. *Ehem* Macamlah ada secret diary. Haha.

And I found a good website to learn more about Islam. (click here) Another hyperlink! :D

Okay then.

Peace be upon all of you!


insignificant III

Somewhat tired but there's so much to run for.

.1 hour break.

Nora, wake up better huh!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

coupling food and sleep

Definitely works in killing fatigue.

As for summer clerkship goes, crushing tablets to pieces is not like making sambal belacan. Hehehe. It's requires more grace, as I was enlighten today. I guess Romana didn't see me perform the act of sambal belacan making yesterday. Huahuahua.

For the purposes of memory,
- Romana (Rolling Stones :P)
- Milada
- Iveta
- The English speaking doctor (find out name!)

- Romana
- Iveta
- Irena (left-handed, sto zviř
- Martina
- Dr Kaš
párek (knows "terima kasih"!)
- The doctor with the new Octava (find out name!)

The nurses definitely deserves all the stars they could get! They're the best team to work with! Alhamdulillah, it was a pleasure to be under their supervision. :)

And Romana gave us the best book for learning Medical Czech! For free!
I think you can find it at the book store in Lipov
á ulice or the one in Celetná ulice.

Book title: Talking Medicine, Czech for Medical Student
Author: Iveta Č
Publisher: University Karlovy V Praze
Year published: 2008
(Book and CD should cost 320kc. Recommended for those who enjoys studying languages. It seems much interesting compared to Jenom Kostra <- Nora's review. :) )

And today was spent speaking lotsa Czech and trying hard to eavesdrop. Hehe.

Literature class at Intern
í Klinika-Metabolická Jednotká, ÚVN:

Co oči neví, to srdce nežádá.
(What the eyes can't see, doesn't go to the heart)

Veselá mysl, pul zdraví.
(A happy mind, half health)

Lež kratký nohy.
(Lies are short-legged *they get caught in the end*)

Krev není voda.
(Blood isn't water)

Yay to literature!
Come tomorrow, hello night shift! *Yawns*

Yeorobun hwaiting!

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Meeting someone today.

And next week is a whole row of patient care. At the hospital. Weee~

(Hope the month of very-very-little-exercise won't kill me. At least not literally :P.)

Then there's the whole new routine of packing meals. I shall go with the simplest. *Correction* Pn Nalini introduced the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away (and Sarah suggested that if the doctor is good looking, throw the apple away. Nyahaha), not that I can do anything about keeping the doctors away since I'll be working in a hospital~ Nyeh.

And for playboys, go and repent la weyh, and do your duty of apologising to people you've messed with. Mangkuk betul. Ish ish. Why are there so many of you infesting the Earth I wonder.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009