Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mr Sun

Thanks for shining down on us today.

And for reasons others may also have, I love you more than ever Mr Sun!

:) Alhamdulillah.

Come Saturday, lets go for a walk~ YAY!


I love practical lessons cause they are the ones I can perform at.

Now I need to realise that theory is as important.

Yes, indeed, if I don't know the theories, I would not only sound like a stupid doctor, I'll look like a stupid doctor and the staff won't put trust on me. Yipes, scary.

And with the increasing load of knowledge every step of this journey, someone has gotta learn to speed up in digesting them!
To do your very best is a must, then you won't end up asking yourself too many questions and yes, after giving your all, it's fair to leave the rest in God's hand.

Conclusion is, FIGHT OH!!!

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