Monday, March 30, 2009


Salam :)

The last few posts made me sound like I'm in deep trouble huh?

Many apologies and thanks to those whose been aiming questions of my well being. And it's interesting also to know that some of you even came out with narrations of your own :P. Walaupun I ni drama queen sikit, tapi kehidupan I biase jer~ ROFL. XD

I'm okay ler. Still smiling, jaywalking and accidentally banging into poles and people, like always. And today a dog became too friendly with me. Good thing you're a cute one huh. Kalau tak, mengilai la seseorang sambil menyamak seluar sukan. Hohoho.

So, worry not! :D
I have no plans of doing anything stupid in near future! ;)

Just at times, when you're brought to witness misery (unspeakable misery, you're allowed to imagine one), even if it doesn't concern you, it'll make you feel like kicking some moronic's rear end.

(Pardon the testosterone)

It starts with a kick.
Of the flying variety.
Wa chaa!!!

And in the midst of confusion, came the sudden lunge.

Coupled with triple punches.
Dush dush dush!

That's the drama part of me. Hohoho. If I were placed in such misery (same unspeakable misery, which I leave to your imagination), I'd probably just cry. And get a headache and forget about it the next day.

Or in cases where I'm just a passer-by in the road where you struggle, I won't cry but I'll experience the headache for you (aish, busybody betul!) and when that happens, I blog. :P


~ rianus ~ said...

"feel like kicking some moronic's rear end"

nsb bek u pakai BI high-class punya..
klu i..hohoho..sudah tentu buruk bunyinya..~

anw..can i join the group?
dush dush dush!!
*sambil tgh streching*

p.s: nice girls always want a happy ending..heheh....lets pray for the best..iA~

nora~zizi said...

hehehe... ;)
cuba menserdahanakan keadaan...

and every nice girl wants a happy ending... huhu~

(sedih la end utk BOF.. but in another 2 months, kite boleh anticipate Heaven's Postman... hii~)

nora~zizi said...

comment tu lps tgk ep 24...
lps tgk finale:


yee haa~~~ jinjja choa~~~~~

wee hoo~~~

~ rianus ~ said...

chua chua chua~~~
dh ler ade doktor hensem dilahirkn..
terus x sakit da klu jumpa prince doktor tuh~~

can't wait for Heaven's Postman!!
jae the angel~~~