Monday, September 02, 2013

broken wings


How are we to fly
With broken wings
Will you leave us to die
Hurt by your stings

Times get rough and a little to tough
So these turtledoves decided they've had enough

Place the weight of that broken wing on mine
Then we can work hand in hand
Or wing in wing, that is if you mind
And on our feets we'll go, to traverse this land

The End


No matter how much I try to convince myself that it's okay, I actually am very very afraid of marriage.

It should not hurt anymore, but it does. 

Dear readers, if you plan getting married, love your spouse, love your children. Love them unconditionally. Children are precious gifts. Care for them. Don't ever make people feel that you're treating them like dirt. If you have a problem, then, discuss with everyone. A family should be a support unit that takes care of the welfare of every member. 

It's sad how you can't erase, unlearn, unthink things. Apalah dah jadi dengan kesucian seolah kain putih yang bernama bayi itu? 


Today we talked of how we'd rather it ended. That's what we see as best. For the ones involved. 

Semua hadis adab about parents, rasa terlampau berat sekarang. :'( 

Wosbiru. Innallahha maasobirin. Tiada siapa pun yang bersalah. Tiada satu pun plot cereka hidup ini yang berlaku sia-sia. Percayalah. Kau harus percaya. 

Lost. I'm lost.

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