Friday, March 08, 2013

not nice?


"Just because it's not nice doesn't mean it's not miraculous".

Even if in my humble opinion it seems like a flaw, I gotta keep in mind that He has a greater plan. One a simple mind like mine can't fathom, not just yet. :)

That's why it's okay really.


And say Alhamdulillah~

(sesungguhnya, syukur dan sabar itu adalah pasangan paling bahagia)


The OT.

Did you know, that perhaps the most important part of the surgery to the patient is the number of external stitches they end up having? Hee.. Comel aje when the doctor said that, out of all the sutures, make sure your loveliest one is the one on the outside.

He said, the bigger the surgeon (:P), the bigger the opening, the more the external stitches, the more serious the disease, in the mind of the patient.

It's true in a way.

And, I gotta stop having syncope attacks man. My hands itches to suture but my body doesn't survive the assisting. Cikgu, stop using my retractor pulling hands as an armrest please. :( I think I would make it just fine otherwise.



Orang cakap kalau orang tu ambil lauk dulu sebelum ambil nasi, maksudnya orang tu senang dipujuk.

Actually Abah yang cakap, because to avoid fighting dekat meja makan, I take the side dishes before scooping the rice. Then he said "awak ni, senang dipujuk".

Walaupun aku tak faham sampai sekarang, tapi part senang dipujuk tu ada kebenarannya. Haha. Aku tak tahu ini kebaikan ke kelemahan.


4 lagi

Alhamdulillah, passed my Paeds exam :) It was quite frightening cause the preparation period was short, and the reading never seems to find an end!

I'd encourage all the clinical year students to not skip lectures. We are, at an age where memorising isn't as easy but, on the other hand, our understanding has developed further. So, go to the lectures, learn from the experienced, and the studying part won't be as hard as doing it alone, on your own.

Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and A&E. Before the scroll. Before the big responsibility.


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