Sunday, March 24, 2013



I would like to thank God, and all the people involved in the previous week. 
Physically exhausting - slept on the bus 3 times this week (my back kinda hurt from that :P), went out of Prague twice, cut down my sleep hours. 
However, it was worth it. 

And thank God these all came now and not later. Wouldn't be able to join those activities otherwise! 

Chronologically the past week:

Wednesday: Teddy Bear Hospital with IFMSA

 Meet John Teddy Junior

With Tulia and Emma

Thursday: Revisiting ze history of Sisi
Goede dag. Welkom bij Schonbrunn. 

Persian Beef Kebab. The rice was so so fine. Gotta learn how to cook that!

Saturday: štěstí pro děti at Zatec
Warming up 

Part of us :)

Maybe I should rename this post to "more later, part 2". It has been such a lovely week that I don't think I'm doing justice by giving just a gist of what happened XD 

However, I most prolly will have to assist in the OT tomorrow and I need to be in the hospital early this week. So, till next time :D


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