Saturday, February 16, 2013



Oooh, and I think I'm going private with the blog soon. So, if there's anyone interested in reading more updates of the soon to be secret life of Neneknora, please drop me your emails! :)
(I may be contacted via mail - refer Profile page- under the contact me part, FB, Skype)

Encik Holmes, detektif. (From Madame Tussauds London) Nak letak gambar berdiri sebelah Encik Holmes, tapi, costume tidak menepati era English ini. Ok, sebenarnya tak letak sebab gemuk. Haha.

Cause among the reason this blog was made is for me to know myself better and for those who care (family, friends) to get updates, hence the personal posts and removing the blog link from other social network. :P

So before any complications come from my making the blog a private playground, readers, you have been warned. HAHAHA XD


zainabibrahim said...

nak2 update..
i suke baca belog u sbb english dier superb...

ok nih email i:

diky moc krat3..

nora~zizi said...

wokeh senorita! :) nanti dah private i masukkan email you dlm reader list iA! :D

vam taky diky moc!!!kekeke ;)

lttlgjh said...

please pleasee i wanna keep reading ur blog n get motivated. hee

add tau :)

nora~zizi said...

wokeh! noted! :D hehehe