Sunday, February 17, 2013



A true leader, leaves a legacy that is a good or better than him.

A true leader realises that his time will come, so he trains his underling.

And when they are ready, he tells them, how they have to now prepare, to take over when it is time.

He told them, they can't be under his wings forever, for his leadership may inhibit their qualities. He told them, it's only natural that the leader changes.

They could only keep quiet, for they love him, and it breaks their hearts to accept the fact that eventually, they would have to let go.


And they asked him, why did he do those things. Why did he quit smoking?

And he said, that in life, you can't have everything. You must give up something, in other to achieve something else.

And he told them to promise him, to remember that time is precious. You can never get it back. So, as to not regret, live to the fullest, for that is the only way.



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