Wednesday, December 19, 2012


"It is the ancient instinct of terriers and policemen to chase anything that runs away"


You know sometimes, you tweet or write comments, and when said comments may trigger reader to run after you, so you add, *lari* or *runs away* at the end of your sentence?

Okay, so maybe you don't write such thing, but I do. :P

And one fine day, I commented on Syafiq's photo of Ijad smoking. :O So I asked the fundamental question, "bila nak berenti?" *lariiiiii*. (My sisters and I kinda have this smoking cessation obsession thing, but we are really concerned about your health cousins! :) That's why we'll keep asking, cause we believe you'll make it one day. Apis is making progress, having a child gives more reason to do it I guess).

Maybe Abang Syafiq realised it was meant for him jugak. And being a cop, he replied "kejarrr!!!"
Hahahahahahaha. *cue Gerak Khas soundtrack*
It was funny cause he's a policeman and I don't recall anyone wanting to run after people in comments before. :D :D :D
*Duh, berapa ramai je orang yang lari-lari dalam comments pun*

Apa motif tulis? Untuk membenarkan statement Sir TP.


I wanted to write a book, to send a message, but I may have to develop observing skills and truly caring for others. That way, I won't send the wrong message. Eep~


Thank You, to have met me with wonderful people in my life. :) It's truly a blessing to have large families (about 40 cousins on my father's side of the family and around 30 on mama's) because then, you sorta get the whole bell's curve of characters. From one extreme to the next. Which is an interesting thing, because we watch each other grow and eventually develop into distinct beings.

And because of that, when we meet up, we get to be children again, relax a little from our busy lives. :) Hee~

Baguslah dekat Malaysia kita tinggal berdekatan aje, kan? :)

*Yasmin put up an album of kisah dulu-dulu, how timely ;)*

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