Tuesday, December 25, 2012

hello holidays!!!

:D Christmas and New Year break is here!
Happy holidays~ Woot2~

So many things planned, hope they'll work out :D hee~
Whatever it is, marilah bersama-sama betulkan niat.
Then things won't go to waste :)

Oh, and the most important thing to do this break: plan your year, rejuvenate and cleanse your body and soul.
Because after this, it's studying and exams (it has always been) WITHOUT any breaks till summer. Kyaaa~ Seeing as how our seniors survived this challenge, then, insyaAllah we will too!


I have a book review pending. And I think I need to sort out my reading materials. And probably my focus too. Because yesterday I was tested with knowledge, and I think I failed horribly. Yikes~


Thanksies today goes to someone whom I didn't know existed before. :) May Allah bless, and thank you for the reminders! (in case I forgot, cause I might, the hint: rehat tunggu mati. kau ada?)

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