Thursday, November 01, 2012

boo hoo

Literature of thoughts.

If doubt comes
It's too messy up there
To reason

If emotions overwhelm
It's too dark here
To decipher

If thoughts run wild
Fit them in a page
Now your literature of thoughts
Won't be to waste


I act on impulse, so there're many circumstances by which I wish I could reverse. Life doesn't work that way though.

Experimenting with oneself, I find writing a wonderful tool to curb my impulse a level or two. 5 minutes of writing could do wonders in justifying a decision made or revoked.

I used to do the thinking in my head but my short attention span would lead to abandonment of whatever I was attending to in my encephalon. A pity cause it disallows idea to evolve :(

I'm still adjusting to the whole think-write thing. I hope it turns me into a better person. A more faithful slave of God, less confused, much calmer.


Then, there's a question of what will become of those journals when I die.
(self destruct?)
Well, lets try to redevelop and restructure the whole thinking with focus in my brain first.

Still addled,
The Brain

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