Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the challenge

I've had too much processed food and drink of late. 
And true, my body isn't actually agreeing with that routine. 

I guess I won't be up front talking about what's wrong with the food system but this Birke Baehr child is really a gem. 

How far a distant would one go, to uncover truths so as not to fall into traps? 

Kyaaa~ How could I be wise if I'm not even aware of what I eat/drink/do everyday?

Owh dearie me~



Things to do, towards a healthy living insyaAllah :)

Cut down on the processed food.

Cook instead of snack! Try to pack food to class! Believe that you can do that! It is simple!

Cut down on 3 in 1s.

And most of all, be more aware of what you do!

Salam all! 

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