Friday, June 04, 2010


Has a calming effect.



I was indirectly influenced to start drawing again - non anatomical kind ;) - hence the cartoons-with-shaky-lines. (Lets hope it'll improve with time. ^^)

Alhamdulillah, today marked the last day of school. At the same time also meaning -> it's exam period baybee~ *insert flabbergasted icon*

Credits on Skype. Check.
Motivational books. Check.
Things to prevent sleeping. Check.
Medication. Check.
(Owh ya, I now carry an inhaler around. It feels cool. Haha. Doink. :P )
Friends to talk to. Check.

And most of all -> prayers.
*Do pray a lot! For you have your plans, and He has greater plans. Pray that you'll be ready to accept whatever has been written!*


It's not enough to visualise a dream.
You must make it practical.
Make it come true.

The higher you aim, the more you have to put in!
Don't settle, strive for more! ^^ It's always worth it!


Owh terlebih semangat pulak this nenek ^^

However, before I go, reblogging a video from Kak Syamira's blog:

Salam peeps and all the best!

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