a thing or two or more

Alhamdulillah ^^

Life's little journey seems to be filled with many surprising happenings.
It's good that it gives less room to slack (though I still make many mistakes).

A bit of the emotional quotient got fixed, with the help of a friend and a little conscience.
I could do with more tips on how to make others happy. :P
I'm such an amateur!


I have yet another exam to go with.

So it's back to reading, processing and plastering.

Pray for our (us students') success and well being here ^^
That would help lots.


For we are nothing without Allah.
I wouldn't know how to manage life without Him.

Salam :)


sab said…
"for we are nothing wihtout Allah"
thanks for sharing kak zizi ^^
dr 1/6 said…
pray indeed!

inshallah everything will work out =)

hang in there kawanz~~
liyana said…
*komen xberkaitan post...

huhu...penat i marathon.. byk nyer blog kamu~~~
nora~zizi said…
hehehe :P agak aarrr..
asyik berevoulsi jer :P
tp blog ni yg main laaa..
nora dah abes exam ni
insyaAllah, nak gune cuti utk upgrade blog etc ^^
liyana said…
yay... upgrade cun cun.. story banyak2 k

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