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1, 2, 3 what do I see?

1. Dream outside the box
I've thought of what to do alongside being a doctor.
A farmer.
It'd be so cool to eat home grown food :) (: (Secretly hoping there are lots of veggie grown at Malaysia home. ^^ Kangkung fresh adalah sangat sedap. Ulam. Nyum~ *Owh it rhymes!)
Yee haaaaa~
Getting there means going through whatever hurdle there is right now! I.e. exams. Lets strive hard people! Yosh!

2. Parents know best
Though they often disagree with one another :P. Having been under the care of dear parents, us children has probably grown immune to the many many restrictions (especially the daughters). It took years to find out what good those restrictions are for, Alhamdulillah we did. ^^ Sorry to have sulked and complained (ade ke? :P) but yeah, now we are old enought to directly ask of the whys (if we don't already know it, the reason that is).

3. A reminder: Terima kasih akak boss! ^^ -the goodly life- Content: People always say, think before you act, but exactly what should you think …