Tuesday, December 01, 2009

be truthful

Don't lie.

Cause you'll lose trust.

If you're not trustworthy, your knowledge will be hard to be acknowledged by others.

Imagine that, because of a lie, you put others in grave danger without you even realising!

My, that'll be a big problem!

If you've ever lied, do apologise to whom you've lied to.

Repent and ask for Allah's forgiveness for He is all forgiving.

Be truthful cause it's the right thing to do.

And remember that good is not always right but right is always good.

Though sometimes truth hurts, I guess it's more painful to discover the truth hidden behind a lie.


Flo said...

Totally agree. :)

Florence said...

Ada orang rindukan update. Huhu~!

Take care & all the best for your tests/exams! :)

nora~zizi said...

me too actually..
therer're pending posts... i find that i lack ideas in completing them :P
hehe.. coming to you soon!

Flo said...

Yay! I see an update! :)