Friday, November 20, 2009

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Sarah + Wei Li-> I got your post(photo)cards!! It made my day. (Well, days, since I got em' seperately :D ) Thank you! Thank you!

And the pharagraph after, a lil' serious...

Death reminds the living that one day, their time will come too. And when it does, nothing could help us gain more rewards except from prayers of those living among the err.. living.

The shock of losing someone you love reminds you how grateful or simply how remarkably lucky you are to have known such a person. And if you take note to take the moral of the story, you'll come to appreciate those around you more. (And to truly appreciate any one person all the time could cost lots of effort and PATIENCE but if we did manage to be grateful, then maybe we'll have no regrets. Allah knows better.)

Dearest Grandma, Alhamdulillah, and thank you for all you've done. Peace be upon you and may you be placed among the Muttaqin. Amin.

*Al-Fatihah to my late grandmother who passed away yesterday at 1245 (Malaysia)*

Abah was in Sabah when it happened, Alhamdulillah he chanced to have one last look of his mother before the burial. (I now know it aches very much not being able to be there.. he must have been worried not being able to see her for the last time.) We all know just how much he care about her.

Very much.

Every child is responsible to have that much (definitely more) care and love for the parents. Ever since a zygote, you've been dependent on them, and now that they need you, do stay and don't turn away!

As of life, it has been busy :D. Alhamdulillah.

And today I had a long talk with the doctor about my recurring "asthma"/anaphylaxis. I honestly thought I was cured off it. Apparently not.

He advised that the next time I experience those moments, to go to the hospital so that they could identify just exactly which allergen is causing it. (Must be something really really rare since that was the second time I had it throughout 20 years of living)

He also mentioned, if acute, it can be life-threatening, and I should be carrying corticosteroids with me by now. Kyaaa~

*By having ample amount of illness/diseases, do you think we could relate to patients better? Probably. :) *

I promised myself change this year (for the better of course :), what about you?) and life has been slightly above interesting lately. If I still remember what it was that makes it interesting, I'll tell you someday. :P

And I'm definitely missing the best buddies, and missing you is a good reminder as to why I should strive for success (or really, strive for what I need).

All the very best to us all. IGames tomorrow. XD

With that, peace be upon readers dearest :)

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