Saturday, June 27, 2009

way out

One more reminder from Mama.

Work with a smile. :)

And if you feel that it's too hard at times, talk to people who are sure to lift you back up high. (Family, close friends and definitely the one who is always there for you, God.)

You are not alone!Hehe.

I saw a really grumpy middle-aged woman today.
Lets hope I don't turn into someone like her.
Scares me~
I hope I only slam doors or something of the like ACCIDENTALLY and not purposely!


Flo said...

Woohoo! I see me!!!

Don't worry la you definitely won't become a grumpy middle-aged woman. :P

Stupid chapter one. XD Or rather, silly too ambitious me. Sighs! No sleeping till I finish you, you ridiculous chapter! Too much la, haih.

Flo said...

Oh! Your com's working now! Yayyy. :) Good for you.

nora~zizi said...

:P nyeh heh...
As long as the eyes are open to happiness I'm sure to be alright. InsyaAllah :D

and yes yes! It's (the computer) giving me beautiful views now~ Though with time, the display sorta goes pink again :P but it's good none the less

And I'm jumping from physical to cell biochemistry... I know it seems unorganised but I haven't the dedication to fix my attention to ONE thing so, I'm enjoying the progress for now... but MUST GO AT AN ACCELERATED SPEED!!! soon :P