Wednesday, June 14, 2017



I wrote my prayers down
Lest I forget
What I wanted and
At least, I think I need.

I wrote them down in ink
I was afraid
I might miss
All important wishes.

I wrote them in a book
Which if read
Readers might die
Earlier than planned.

Cause written are
Seemingly shallow and simple
Yet sincere hopes
The heart dreams achieving.

Written for the sole reason
That I am nothing
I am powerless
And I seek Your Mercy.


I struggle to keep my head in something, this ADHD mind, goes a million different places, and I just cannot find a way to hold on to a prayer at times. This year, I found good, in writing down my prayers, so that I could open it up, and muster the attention to read what I wrote. Thank God, the same concept could be applied this Ramadan, and I got to make my set of prayers early in the month. With time, the shallowness of the requests I  made to God, seemed to find a depth. And repeating a similar pattern helps to give an idea of what I value most.

I hope to continuously pray, and that praying is made easy for all of us.


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