Wednesday, June 14, 2017



I wrote my prayers down
Lest I forget
What I wanted and
At least, I think I need.

I wrote them down in ink
I was afraid
I might miss
All important wishes.

I wrote them in a book
Which if read
Readers might die
Earlier than planned.

Cause written are
Seemingly shallow and simple
Yet sincere hopes
The heart dreams achieving.

Written for the sole reason
That I am nothing
I am powerless
And I seek Your Mercy.


I struggle to keep my head in something, this ADHD mind, goes a million different places, and I just cannot find a way to hold on to a prayer at times. This year, I found good, in writing down my prayers, so that I could open it up, and muster the attention to read what I wrote. Thank God, the same concept could be applied this Ramadan, and I got to make my set of prayers early in the month. With time, the shallowness of the requests I  made to God, seemed to find a depth. And repeating a similar pattern helps to give an idea of what I value most.

I hope to continuously pray, and that praying is made easy for all of us.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

when you are about to let go


The loving bond
Of a relationship,
The strength from health
Of a body,
The accompanying serenity
Of nature untouched,
The budding hope
Of a sincere prayer,

When you are about to let go,

And if you were letting go,
My dear soul,
Then ask for Help,
In prayers, in patience.

Your written destiny,

It is a thing so beautiful,
That you need to be ready
To embrace it.