Saturday, May 06, 2017

letting go


It sure was not easy
At least in the beginning.

Leaving your heart
At the hand of a stranger
Whom failed miserably
At seeing its beauty?
Definitely the act of
Reckless, not romantic.

It has taken place
And you learn to embrace

The wounds heal,
And regrets find forgiving.

You find a new you
After every mistake
And made a vow
In your defense,
Not to hurt
The same way again.

And that is okay
Cause you also found Love
That is true
Love that gets you through
Love that always awaits you.


Dear God,
Thank You for the lessons learnt, and thank You for sending me abundance of Mercy, and made ease what I thought would shatter me to pieces.
Thank You for showing me to be kind, and not to expect anything in return, and to be grateful, and to thank You by thanking others.
Now I ask to make ease, what is good for me, and the people around me, and the world in general. Make ease my wish to be a vessel of mercy, on my short stay in this world.

Thank you.


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