Sunday, October 16, 2016



Every time I try,
They get held back
My words.

They got stuck,
Somewhere between
My heart and my lips.

Or sometimes,
Tears welled
Then endlessly fell.


I met a cat today, it looked so much in pain.
I can see that it was weak.
And it is trying hard to keep up.
With whatever struggle it was in.
The cat treats did not seem to work.
Even as I offer them out of my hands.
I noticed then, it was ?crying.
And stroked the cat, hoping somehow, there was comfort in that.
I turned away to wash my hands.
And when I looked back, you were not there anymore.

We had a cat once, and the only time it disappeared, it left us forever.


I was brought to reminisce a mission I held dear, that is, to make a little good in the lives that I have met. I hope when I die, there are no bad thoughts of me. I hope when I die, people would pray for my well being in the Hereafter, when they think of me. I dare not ask for more, even if my heart longs for it.

I wished, I was loved in return

But that is too much,

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