Thursday, March 19, 2015

books I want children to read


Their journal

Dr Seuss
Roald Dahl
Enid Blyton
Comics: Prophetic Behaviour
Neil Gaiman

7 Habits - start of with Children/Teen Version
Help Me Be Good Series
Why Things Happen - according to inclination

Terry Pratchett
How to Kill a Mockingbird
Hunger Games Series

List will be updated.
I owe myself lots of non fiction by the looks of it. Haha!

The main aim however is to teach children how to read with their heart. So that they are able to differentiate the good and the bad. And make a comparison of the whats real and not. And then extract all those lovely values, and the importance of understanding the different perspective an author and their characters would have. Then somehow, make them realise their value, principle and belief.

:) owh the joy of reading!