Monday, October 27, 2014

come back


Cause you bright up the shadowy part of my life

Cause I like having you around

Don't go~ 😢

- confession of a hopeless dreamer in love with a dream guy -


Oh well, like how bad things come to an end, good things do that too. Reaching an end, that is. Feelings are there only because we allow it to roam free and grow, with our own desires and thoughts.

By thinking about it, we start to develop our perfect images of a person, a persona moulded from our interpretation of a great relationship.

By thinking about it, we also spend less time to shape ourselves into being that oh-so-awesome-being we have planned to be. Which is a great loss, really.

Gaaaa~ how much time have I wasted with these thoughts, I now come to regret. :(

When what I actually wanted was for me to be able to give as much as I could. And for that, the only perfect partner is a supportive one. And Mama and Hana are both playing a great part in that. :)

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. Sorry, i am so sorry for being so lost. Please always lead me right, lead me true. Lead me to bring the best out of me and the people around me, regardless the circumstance. :)

Love eveything,