Monday, October 07, 2013



In matters where an opinion of another would be deemed worthless, lets not fight.
Fighting is tiring.
I find backing down a complicated matter as well.
I can't reason backing down, when doing so, makes you feel better than the other person.
We should never think that we're any better than anyone, kan?

There're however, things which are so hard to be heard and listened to.
A lot harder then, for the heart to accept.
And you feel mentally and emotionally abused from it, that, you can't help but express, that those words thrown at you, made you feel that way.

It wrings you, it tires you, it bothers a whole lot.

Wait and be patient.
Good will come out of all these.
There had been many circumstances, where what you thought was the greatest solution didn't happen, and He proves right away why His plan was the best. Kan kan? :)


"I spun around and hurt no more....."

Best song evahhhhh. Haha. Owh I love this guy.

JAKIM can stop marriage but it can't stop love. (refere here)
Lol lol.

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