Tuesday, August 27, 2013

thank God


Regarding Pak Cik N, betullah this time around, I over-thought. Assa!!! Thank God for the enlightenment one mentor-mentee coffee session. He's pursuing this lady in Malaysia. And now, I'm nowhere near where he is. *dance of joy*

Tak mengapa untuk aku rasa bahagia terlepas daripada benda-benda ni. Tak mengapa untuk aku rasa tak selesa. Haha. Buat baik itu harus, namun marilah tidak melampaui batas.


Traveling to Putrajaya today. I hope the journey would be manageable.


Kriteria ketiga.

He shouldn't be serious all the time.

The day I meet you, everything would be indescribable though. *Le sigh*

The budak-budak and I jammed to this. Of all the songs we could give our all to :P

Hopeless romantic, that, I already know that I am,

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