Monday, August 19, 2013

again and again


Billing that comes 3 years late.
Last week, my mind was occupied with some house problems. My landlord gave me a 3 years' worth of electricity bill. Yeay! *sorakan penuh sarcasm*

It's been a while since I had to voice out for justice. Good thing there were friends. I felt cheated weh. I told him what he's doing is crazy. And he tried to reason with me how he was "helping" us. And I told him, I don't get which part of getting-people-into-debt-they-are-unaware-of is "helping" in any way. I told him, even credit card users know just how much they've spent.

*Audrey's slap-your-face may come in handy here*

It is settled Alhamdulillah. :( Penat jugak hal rumah ni. Serius, masa Kirin shifted to Olomouc I didn't want to be "Ketua Rumah". I wished my age would be an advantage, and any one of the two would be it instead. I lack initiative. Malas nak cari pasal. However, if you've asked God to make you a better person, and if you lack initiative, somehow, He'll bring something into your hands, to help you better yourself. Aku rasalah. Tu pasal, nak tak nak, kena lalui juga liku-liku kehidupan yang tak disangka-sangka.

It took a whole week to settle, and that time, Suhaibwebb came out with this article, on how God created the Earth in the period of 6 days. When, He definitely could do it like, pronto. A lesson learnt, is, how things take time. It takes time, so, be patient, and don't worry too much. :) Things take time. Kyaaaa. Thank You, for all these timed reminders. A little gift for the boggled-somewhat-soul. :')



Nak buat bisnes kena rajin. Tu yang Papa Chunk ajar. Agaklah. Hatta nak buat bisnes Agung pun. Nak solat jemaah pun kena rajin menerima ajakan/mengajak. Keuntungan hanya menjadi kejayaan bila kita berusaha mendapatkannya. Angan-angan tiadalah membawa ke mana.

Sila rajin.
Sila rajin setiap hari.



"Aku tahu, perasaan bukan benda yang boleh dikawal. Tapi, kalau aku dah bagi tahu direct aku tak nak, aku rasa, kau patut terima hakikat untuk go through that patah hati dan lepaskan perasaan-perasaan yang kau pernah wujudkan dalam diri. Jangan bakar perasaan itu dengan angan-angan dan harapan palsu. Nanti merana." Serius nak cakap macam ni.

Tak, aku bukan hot stuff. And I'm also not the kind to give false hope. So I deleted you from my social contact. And one year later, you make an entrance through a different medium. And you're liking all the posts.

Aku harap aku just over-react dan over-think. Tapi kalau perlu, aku tak kan teragak-agak untuk block kau dari medium baru itu. For now, be kind Nora, be kind. :'(

Making people scared won't get you very far,

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